Smedja Aspen

3000,00kr SEK

Mono Frenchie

Image of Mono Frenchie

Ground from mono 52100 bearing steel.
Heat treated to ~63 hrc.
Last steps of grinding is done water cooled.
Convex zero grind with a small micro bevel, made to be used for most tasks without fear of a too delicate knife.
Knife is a little blade heavy. Balance point is ~15-20mm in front of the makers mark.
Charred oak handle. My take on a simple western. Octagonal and very comfy.

The knife you get might be slightly different from the one in the picture since they are all hand made. But I always try to get them as close to each other as possible.

~230 mm from the heel to tip of blade.
~130 mm handle.
~365 mm oal.
~52 mm height at heel.
~2.2 mm spine.
Weights in at ~185g.

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