Smedja Aspen

2000,00kr SEK

(Second/used) 235x47 gyutohiki/line knife

Image of (Second/used) 235x47 gyutohiki/line knife
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Forged and water quenched 52100 mono steel at ~64/65 hrc. Feels VERY crispy on the water stones.
Light full convex grind. Machine finished.
Simple cherrywood handle.
235 mm from the heel to tip of blade.
380 mm oal.
47 mm height at heel.
4.5 mm spine at heel, forged taper.
Weights in at 155g.
So it's very light for it's size.
Balance is just in front of the makers mark.

This has been a personal knife and a test blade I've sent around for testing out a new knife model. So it's in used condition hence the lower price point.

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